Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where to buy records with Polish jazz???

Many requests from people all around the world make me to ask this question: where to buy records with Polish jazz? Up to a very recent times I could only suggest two internet shops, both operating in Poland:
1) - best Polish online shop with avantgarde music and
2) - biggest online shop with books, music, videos.
Both these sites offer interface in English which makes the process of buying much more comfortable for foreign customers. However a question of high delivery rates remains (I know it well since I am regular customer of 
Recently Steve Dolan has contacted me and I can now recommend his site His is focusing on Polish and Scandinavian jazz so I believe for customers from the UK this may be an interesting option. BTW his story is really interesting: he first became aware of Polish jazz through listening to Mike Chadwick's radio (Jazz FM) show the Cutting Edge. Then he managed to get a CD called the best of Polish Jazz 2005 and that is how, using his words, "he was hooked". It costed him a lot of patience and perseverance to get hold of his favourite discs using sometimes private contacts in Poland or through checking artists' or recording labels' pages. Fortunately he decided to use his so gathered experience to open online store to give others the chance to buy this wonderful jazz without all these problems. Good luck Steve with your project :-) 
But to be honest that does not solve the problem as unfortunately none of these web shops cover ALL significant recordings. What we need is site fully dedicated to Polish jazz, with a scope broad enough to comprise its outskirts (pop, rock, avantgarde, etc.) as well as mainstream, both new and old records. For the time being unfortunately I don't see such one-stop-shop...

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