Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bassisters Orchestra - Numer Jeden (Asfalt, 2006)

Bassisters Orchestra
Bunio (sampler, vokoder)
Emade (sampler)
Fisz (voc)
Wojtek Mazolewski (bass)
Macio Moretti (drums)
Mikołaj Trzaska (sax)

Asfalt, 2006

Great musicians from both Polish jazz and avantgarde (Wojtek Mazolewski, Mikołaj Trzaska, Macio Moretti) and hip-hop (Fisz, Bunio, Emade), great concept because since Miles Davis "Doo Bop" there is plenty of space for creative meetings of these two stylistics but unfortunately this project is failure. It is neither good hip hop nor good avantgarde. It ceratinly is not good jazz. Best tunes on this album are when Fisz is singing in hip hop style (like in "Uma Pergunta") or when Mazolewski, Trzaska, Moretti plays something close to jazz (like in "Lassister"). But when they try to cooperate, to blend, to interchange it simply does not work. Great pity! Since I like a lot both avantjazz and hip hop! Summarizing, my respect for "bassisters" they tried but unfortunately trial itself is not a success...

A piece of entirely hip hop tune from this album:

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny 


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