Saturday, July 9, 2011

News from GAD Records!!!

GAD Records issued last year their first CD which was one of the most exciting archive recordings of last few years. Titled "Nora" (check its review on our blog) brought to us music of Zbigniew Seifert Quartet: very significant band on Polish jazz scene in late sixties last century yet one that unfortunately did not leave even single one recording!!! All due of course to Moon economy in Poland during communist regime. Fortunately economic system has changed in Poland and thanks to such passionate jazz lovers as Michał Wilczyński who is founder of this company, these gaps in Polish jazz history are gradually filled.

This time GAD Records will provide us with music recorded in 2007 though having links with aforementioned album. This link is established by person of Jan Jarczyk, pianist, who took part in both these projects. Because in 1977 he emigrated from Poland to the US it will be fascinating to see where he is now after 40 years since he collaborated with Zbigniew Seifert in his quartet. Moreover, "Smoked Piano" being a piano duet, will also make an interesting counter-point to latest Piotr Wyleżoł and Sławek Jaskułke "Duodram" album (review here), another piano duo issued this year and brilliant one!!! There are indeed many reasons for waiting impatiently for "Smoked Pianos"...;-)        

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