Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yazzbot - Mazut Mazut (Multikulti, 2010)

Andrzej Szawara (guitar, electronics)
Lena Romul (alt sax)
Piotr Kowalski (drums)
Szczepan Kopyt (bass)

Multikulti, 2010

Since their critically acclaimed debut, "Pustyni i w puszczy" (2008) they have been obstinately fighting for their own piece of the Polish jazz scene. Now they have a chance to confirm the success of their first record, since the band's new album, simply called "Mazut Mazut", is to be released in May (this time recorded by a four-person ensemble). 

Piotr Mełech (clarinet) and Dariusz Dobroszczyk (keyboards) have left the band. The gents' place has been taken by the charismatic Lena Romul (alto saxophone), known for her collaborations with Wojciech Pilichowski's band, Presidents of Soul, Niklas Muller, as well as for her own Lena Romul Quintet. 

The new material sounds fresh and more mature, the band has made a step forward, confirming that the debut album's success was no coincidence. The changes in the band's sound can be heard from the very first track; in the beginning we get harsh guitar and alto sax parts based on a solid work of the rhythm section. The Yazzbots now more confidently and decidedly reveal the grit of their music. Solid compositions, allowing for a little bit of verve, fluently turn into improvisation. The album, track by track, reveals all possible combinations of duos, trios, and solo parts, which only enriches the material. Such tracks as the mesmerising "Lama Owca" or the powerful "Siódemka Romana P." are true gems. It is, however, an organic record which reveals its true value when listened from beginning to end, putting the listener into a trance. 

The band has proved they should fight tooth and nail for their own piece of the Polish jazz scene. In our country, however, where people are afraid to experiment with jazz, this will be no easy task. But don't be afraid: even though the Yazzbots sound like a monster (maybe that was the reason behind putting the huge worm on the cover?!), a monster they are not, and getting to know their music is definitely worthwhile...

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Author of text: Paweł Doskocz (source

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