Monday, August 1, 2011

Live Show: Rafal Sarnecki & Adam Baldych - Brooklyn

(Editor) Courtesy of Dave Summer we may inform you about approaching concert of two promising young Polish jazzmen now residing in New York... 

August 20th - Rafal Sarnecki & Adam Baldych

Fireplace-Cheminee Bistro
216 Norman Ave.
11222 Brooklyn, NY.
Off the G Train (which apparently doesn't run to Manhattan)

No cover.

I only became familiar with both of these musicians in the last couple of weeks. Both musicians have put out spectacular albums out this year. Rafal Sarnecki (guitar) released "The Madman Rambles Again" on the Fresh Sound New Talent label and Adam Baldych (violin) released "Magical Theatre" on Eleet Records. Both albums absolutely blew me away. Sarnecki's album (which I own) I've listened to repeatedly over the last two weeks and the Baldych album (which I don't yet own) but was able to listen to almost the whole thing the other day and individual songs on his reverbnation and artist site and they're just amazing. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to see them both live together. Please someone take pictures and post them here.
Rafal Sarnecki, as it so happens, is tomorrow's (Wednesday) AAJ free mp3 of the day. Adam Baldych will be the featured dotd on August 31st.

Here's Adam's site and reverbnation pages where you can listen to music from the album...

The song "Room of Fear" slays me every time. It's about the closest thing to hit me the same way Todd Sickafoose's "Tiny Resistors" did.

And here's a site for Rafal to listen to music...

I thought I already was as jealous as I could be at all the jazz going on in Brooklyn far far away from me. I was wrong.

Author of text: Dave Summer (source

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