Monday, August 29, 2011

Robotobibok - Instytut Las (Vytvornia Om, 2003)

Artut Majewski - trumpet
Adam Pindur - saxophon, Moog
Adam Bączyk - guitar, ARP Oddysey
Marcin Ożóg - doblebass
Kuba Suchar - perkusja

Vytvornia Om, 2003
(Editor) Few years has passed since this album was released but music is still fresh and I see now Robotobibok as one on the most important bands in Polish jazz history. If you want to continue from this point check Mikrokolektyw ("Revisit"), Slug Duo ( "Organic Stone") or Foton Quartet ("Zomo Hall")...

It's been a while ago since I heard such a great new jazz record! The last album I reviewed for KindaMuzik was the latest from Roy Hargrove. At the time quite enthusiastic, relatively quick came the feeling that it was all a bit to soft, a bit to smooth. 'Real' jazz should be rougher and more radical, I felt.

But then come this second album by Polish jazz-formation Robotobibok. A while ago I saw this band at the Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival in Berlin and already there I was seriously impressed. "Not with a 'standard' jazz-line-up, but with trumpet, saxophone, piano, two Moogs, guitar, bass and drums, they succeeded in developing this music and at the same time staying at a safe distance from over-consciously hip jazz-beats projects," I wrote in the article to this festival. Having said all this, I did not expect this album to make such an impression. I feared they might use to many electronics (read: Moog) and end up with an average electrojazzmix. Nothing could be further removed from the truth however. Jazz, jazz, and jazz is what you will find here! The first song starts with a creaking that reminds you of the intro to Michael Jackson's Thriller, but then suddenly shifts to swingbop. Not for long however, you wouldn't want to be caught dead listening mainstream jazz of course. Instead, let's throw the Moog in and add some saxophone-layers for good taste!

Through all this, a light psychedelic groove organizes the whole. What does this mean? It means that you are constantly being wrong-footed and yet never annoyed with the amount of experimentation. It means that you listen amazed to the complexity of freaking going on and still are able to submerge yourself in some sort of repetitive groove. It means that we are dealing here with an album that often border on the genius. It means that it's about time that we can enjoy this band live in the Netherlands. And it means that this album really should be picked up by a distributor in Holland. 

(Editor) Check hi-octane title "Wymiana tlenu na stacji Mir" (The exchange of oxygen at station Mir) from this album:

Author of text: Bas van Heur

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