Friday, August 19, 2011

Good news from Piotr Lemanczyk!

One of my favourite double-bassists in Poland Piotr Lemańczyk who recently recorded such a splendid mainstream albums as "Three Point Shot" (2010) or "Able To Fly" (2011) do not slow pace down even for a moment. We have recently learned that he is involved in two interesting projects:

First, on 28th May 2011 in Radio Gdańsk, Piotr Lemańczyk recorded material for his new project accompanied  Maciej Sikała (tenor sax), Cezary Konrad (drums) and Maciej Fortuna (trumpet). Addition of Maciej Fortuna is especially noteworthy as this young trumpeter distinguished himself recently by such successful albums as "Lost Keys" (2010) and it will be great opportunity for him to play with such all-star squad. Special guest of this session was famous American pianist Dave Kikoski. CD will be published by Soliton.

Simultaneusly Piotr Lemańczyk plays in recently re-activated combo named Orange Trane Acoustic Trio with vibraphonist Dominik Bukowski (they played together on fantastic "Naha People") and drummer Tomasz Łosowski. After reactivation they already played couple of gigs like for example during Bass Days Poland 2010 festival. At present moment they are working on new album for which they invited Finnish saxophonist  Joonatan Rautio, trumpeter Marcin Gawdzis, well-known vocalist Krystyna Stańko and promising guitarist Marcin Wądołowski.

Please, listen to tune "From Alberta" from above-mentioned "Naha Poeple" album featuring, among others, saxophonist Maciej Sikała and vibraphonist Dominik Bukowski:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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