Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jarek Smietana – A Tribute To Zbigniew Seifert (2009) by Adam Baruch

Jarek Śmietana (guitars)

Piotr Wyleżoł (acoustic & electric piano)
Janusz Grzywacz (keyboards)
Zbigniew Wegehaupt (bass)
Adam Czerwiński (drums)
Sławek Berny (percussion)

A Tribute To Zbigniew Seifert (2010)

and guests:
- Jerry Goodman - violin (1)
- Mateusz Smoczyński - violin (2)
- Didier Lockwood - violin (3)
- Krzesimir Dębski - violin (4)
- Christian Howes - violin (5)
- Mark Feldman - violin (6)
- Maciej Strzelczyk - violin (7)
- Adam Bałdych - violin (8)
- Pierre Blanchard - violin (9)

This is a stunning tribute album to the Polish violin virtuoso / composer Zbigniew Seifert by the great Polish guitarist Jarek Smietana and his band: pianist Piotr Wylezol, bassist Zbigniew Wegehaupt, drummer Adam Czerwinski and percussionist Slawek Berny. Keyboardist Janusz Grzywacz guests on two tracks. Smietana invited nine leading Jazz violinists to play along with this fabulous band, performing Seifert's wonderful compositions. They are: Jerry Goodman (ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra, USA), Mateusz Smoczynski (Poland), Didier Lockwood (France), Krzesimir Debski (Poland), Christian Howes (USA), Mark Feldman (USA), Maciej Strzelczyk (Poland), Adam Baldych (Poland) and Pierre Blanchard (France). These nine virtuosi play like there's no tomorrow and the resulting music is simply a breathtaking trip into Seifert's world. This is such a conglomerate of talent, that anything said beyond this would be simply superfluous. Simply grab this ASAP, as you are about to take trip of your life – violin heaven indeed!

Sample of great misci by Zbigniew Seifert:

Author: Adam Baruch
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