Saturday, December 10, 2011

Soundcheck - IV Wiersze Marysi z Kazachstanu (BCD, 2011)

Soundcheck (band)

Maciej Kocin Kociński - sax
Krzysztof Dys - piano
Andrzej Święs - bass
Krzysztof Szmańda - drums.

Aga Kiepuszewska - vocal
Dell'Arte String Quartet
Antosia 'Anta" Kocińska - voval

IV Wiersze Marysi z Kazachstanu (BCD, 2011)

I am great fan of this band which is evidenced by my enthusiastic review of their last album "III Druglum". Apart from regular members of this quartet this project features guests among them, most importantly, vocalist Aga Kiepuszewska. She sings verses as written by the aunt of the leader of the band Maciej Kociński relating moving story of Marysia, young Polish girl who during II World War was banished by Soviets out of her home and resettled thousands miles from Poland to steppes of Kazachstan. It is important to note that unlike previous albums of Soundcheck, which were fully instrumental, on this album focus is mainly on singing which may be a bit disappointment for many fans of this  excellent band...

Check webpage of this band to find samples of music from this and other albums: or YouTube video with music from their previous album "Druglum":

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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