Sunday, December 25, 2011

Off Quartet - Off Quartet (Jazz Forum, 2011)

Off Quartet (band)

Marek Kądziela - guitar
Tomasz Dąbrowski - trumpet, balkan horn
Morten Haxholm - doublebass
Rasmus Schimdt - drums

Off Quartet (Jazz Forum, 2011)

I am out of my words! Recently I've been wondering what are candidates for Best Artist in Polish Jazz this year 2011. And I come to conclusion that it may be not a single person but collective "debutante". I simply cannot recall year so abundant in excellent debut albums as this year is. Many of them were already described on this blog, I just pick a few from recent times: Biotone "Unspoken Words", Tomasz Licak & Artur Tuźnik Quintet feat. Anders Mogensen "Quintet" or Wierba & Schmidt Quartet feat. Dante Luciani "Black Monolith". There are many more than those but these are closest in affinity: all mainstream, all acoustic, all being a very good starting point to big carreer. Of all these discs this one appeals to me most from one point of view: it is the bravest! I admire a lot high skills as displayed by young musicians but I believe that this is too little to be successful artist. You must be ready to explore, to change, to take risks. All these elements are present in music of this band. I want to underline especially the role of trumpeter Tomek Dąbrowski. He is able to play in one moment as Dave Douglas while in another as Peter Evans. His line is effortless, winged, ingenious. I will closely watch his next steps as he clearly has big talent. No less gifted is Marek Kądziela whose guitar gracefully  counterpoints the meandering trumpet of Dąbrowski. Scandinavian rhythm section (Morten Haxholm - doublebass, Rasmus Schimdt - drums) provides rock solid pulse necessary for all this dancing by Dabrowski & Kądziela. Not bad at all!

Author: Maciej Nowotny     

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