Sunday, January 19, 2014

Male Instrumenty - Samorobka (2013) ****

Małe Instrumenty (band)

Paweł Romańczuk
Marcin Ożóg
Jędrzej Kuziela
Tomasz Orszulak
Maciek Bączyk

and guests:

Paweł Czepułkowski
Michał Litwiniec

Samoróbka (2013)

by Maciej Nowotny

Małe Instrumenty (transl. "little instruments") on their newest "Samoróbka" (tranls. "self-made") proves to be one of the most original phenomenons on our musical landscape. It is their fourth release I have opportunity to listen to after "Małe Instrumenty Grają Chopina" (2010), "Chemia i Fizyka" (2011) and "Katarynka" (2012). Each of them brought an entirely new musical idea retaining however a unique personality of this band unmistakably their own. 

On their newest disc the music is subdued, mysterious, even solemn at moments but still miraculously being full of so characteristic for this group child-like enthusiasm. What is very special for this project is that apart from sophisticated, original and communicative musical side it offers much more than that. It reflects itself in package one gets with CD which comprises also a book containing not only detailed descriptions of self-made instruments constructed for the sake of this recording but also set of schemes for building your own instruments! Since these instruments - as suggests name of the band - are usually small, rather simple and built often with recycled materials, it can be a great fun to make them as much for grown-ups as for kids. This is kind of an idea of mixing together improvisation in music, building with legos and kind of parental activity to strengthen bonds with children. Sound impossible or extravagant? Most brilliant ideas often seem crazy but when they are at the same time so aesthetically attractive and... yes... humane... I am completely FOR them!

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