Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sonus is back with Polish Jazz Mixtape Vol. 2!!!

I was delighted to have been asked by my friend to review on of my favourite things in the world : A Jazz mix tape.

I know that there is a lot of amazing Jazz coming from Poland and I was excited to finally get the time to sit down and listen to this. I have to admit, I had never heard of the selector whom chose the tracks on this mix. A lot of the time these are the best kinds of discoveries, completely new and unknown to yourself. And this time certainly did not dissapoint.

As I sat down to this, I assumed that the mix would be of a more deep and modal vibe. I was at first surprised by the sound and had mixed emotions about the fact that the mix was slightly more uptempo than I would normally choose to listen to. Within five minutes of settling down to this, I knew I liked it. I had a sense of being surrounded by absolute greats of the musician world. I had a sense of being in clubs that people were absolutely swinging to this music. I had a sense of happiness.

For me, the emotion that a piece of music provokes is everything. And usually, I appreciate the beauty in sadness withing music, so for me this was a lovely surprise to find out that I also like music that provokes less dark emotions. I love every track in this mix and I will get to telling you why..

Ten minutes into the mix and my ears have been treated with lovely grooves, super keys, brass and drums that most drummers would be nodding there heads along to. All of a sudden I am hit with hammond organ, played in such a way that made me stop in my tracks and really listen. And I mean stop everything and really listen. The skill of the musicianship took my breath away. The combination of the hammond, drums and brass made me wonder how I did not know who Krzysztof Sadowski and His Hammond Organ was. This is a name that I will make sure I get to know. And I would highly recommend you do too.

The track that followed took me by surprise due to its almost latin nature. This is the kind of track that I would play in a place where people really know there music and appreciate music. The cold winters day on a December evening was suddenly warmed up by this piece.

The Bossa Nova Combo as you can guess, was delightful follow on from the last piece and worked perfectly after the last. This made me feel fully joyous inside. Following on from this was By Henryk Alber & Janusz Strobel- Motyle. This had a lovely feel of a mixture between something from Spain and something from Latin America. It really got me going and my head nodding was unstoppable to this track. I really love the latin direction that the mix has suddenly taken on. The next ten minutes continues on our journey of Latin music, from Poland. 29 minutes into the mix and I am met with the most amazing keys, absolute impeccable skill from the musicians, excellent mix of instruments and very different feel to the track as a wholeBy Kazimierz Jonkisz Top Six, another artist who I will be going out my way to look into this year.

Next piece that got my attention in a big way was at 42 minutes into the mix, Piesn Religijna By Adam Makowicz. This track had such lovely keys that were so subtle and that were placed into the track in a way that did not lead, but that felt like something coming at you that you wanted to know more about. The drums in this track really drove the whole piece and I felt a sense of the music being modern but in a good way. There can sometimes be negativity within modern music that just does not compare with older music however this really felt honest and like this came from the heart of the musicians involved.

I felt like I wanted to say so many things about the next track that caught my attention, Norman's Mother By Contemporary Noise Sextet. This piece really brought the energy of the mix along and felt like a complete left turn, I was taken aback by the emotion within this piece and the way that all the musicians told the story with this was so strong and expressive. This track for me was an absolute pleasure to have been able to discover through this mix, and I thank Senhor Efebo.

The mix is rounded off with more lovely keys, hammond, drums and guitar. This mix has taken me on a real journey. I have upmost respect for a DJ who can take a listener on a journey with up, downs and everything in between. I feel thoroughly grateful to have discovered these amazing new pieces of music, and for that I am grateful. Thank you to Senhor Efebo, a name that I recommend you all check out.

By Rebecca Vasmant

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