Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Marcin Ciupidro - Talking Tree (2013) ****

Marcin Ciupidro

Marcin Ciupidro - vibraphone, marimba, Moog
Shoko Sakai - marimba
Mateusz Rybicki - clarinet, bass clarinet
Zbigniew Kozera - double bass
Hubert Zemler - drums
Wojciech Romanowski - drums
Marcin Rak - drums

Talking Tree (2013)

By Maciej Nowotny

Marcin Cipiudro may be recognized by Polish public thanks to his cooperation with the cult band called Robotobibok. After the dissolution of this group, one of the first in Poland experimenting with usage of electronic and dance rhythm in modern jazz, its members dispersed into different projects and collectives. Two of its most important members, trumpeter Artur Majewski and drummer Jakub Suchar, formed Mikrokolektyw which become one of the leading avant jazz formations in our country. Saxophonist Adam Pindur on the other hand turned toward mainstream by participating in hugely successful project of another young trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz. All these musicians are connected in some way with a city of Wrocław as is Marcin Ciupidro.

So far he was not so well known as his other colleagues from Robotobibok but it may very well change with his first own record "Talking Tree". Supported by Japanese marimba player Shoko Sakai, clarinetist Mateusz Rybicki, doublebassist Zbigniew Kozera and drummers Hubert Zemler, Wojciech Romanowski, Marcin Rak, Marcin Ciupidro with his vibraphone created a musicial space like no other in Polish music. As in Robotobok his music is saturated with complicated yet dance-like rhythms, full of freedom but far from chaotic. What did really astonished me on this record is wonderful use of melody, the art which seems to be almost forgotten in modern avant jazz music. Ciupidro proves that melody is still a powerful tool of communication though it is a challenge how to make it sound fresh and original. But here Ciupidro is fully successful and as often with good tunes it is simply impossible to stop listening to this album and it now accompanies me as much at home, at work or during long car rides. There are albums which instead of speaking too much of it is better just to listen to. We are lucky to have a sample of music from it accompanying this note, so do not hesitate, turn on your Hi-Fi and judge for yourself...

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