Monday, April 11, 2016

Adam Pierończyk with Anthony Joseph – Migratory Poets (2015)

Adam Pierończyk with Anthony Joseph

Adam Pierończyk - tenor & soprano saxophones
Anthony Joseph - voice
Nelson Veras - acoustic guitar
Robert Kubiszyn - double bass, electric bass
John B. Arnold - drums

Migratory Poets


By Adam Baruch

This is a live recording by an international ensemble performing a Jazz & Poetry concert. The ensemble, led by veteran Polish Jazz saxophonist/composer Adam Pierończyk, also includes Brazilian guitarist Nelson Veras, Polish bassist Robert Kubiszyn and American drummer John B. Arnold. They are joined by British (of Caribbean roots) poet Anthony Joseph, who recites his poems accompanied by the quartet. The album consists of seven tracks, six of which are poetry accompanied by music and one is an instrumental piece. All the music is original and was composed by Pierończyk.

The albums brings on fond memories of times (mostly the 1960s) when Jazz & Poetry concerts were a common happening, both in Britain and in Poland, producing some of the most adventurous and aesthetically challenging music at the time. Since the sub-genre is quite a rarity today, this album is a welcome reminder of this magnificent Art form. The overall performances on this album are all very good, with Pierończyk playing as usual with great fluidity and taste. The rhythm section produces a steady groove as a background to the poetry recitation and the guitar and saxophone solos are intertwined between the stanzas or after the recitation is over.

Pierończyk, although perfectly capable of Free Style improvisation, keeps a very calm profile here, playing mostly very lyrically and melodically, suitable Joseph's poetry, which is mostly more associative than clear-cut thematically, full of exotic smells, tastes and panoramas. Overall this is a beautiful trip of poetic dreams engulfed in lyrical music, that make the listener forget his whereabouts and take him on a dreamy trip to a far away place. Definitely worth investigating!

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