Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kazana/Twister/Alban Juarez – Mam Dwóch Wnuków W Birmingham (2014)

Kazana/Twister/Alban Juarez

Marek Kazana - saxophone
DJ Twister - turntable
Jose Manuel Alban Juarez - drums

Mam Dwóch Wnuków W Birmingham


By Adam Baruch

This is an album, which documents a cross-genre project by Polish trio, which consists of avant-garde Jazz saxophonist Marek Kazana, Grzegorz Czerkasow (a.k.a. DJ Twister) who spins the turntable and adds additional sound effects and instrumental parts and drummer Jose Manuel Alban Juarez. The trio co-composed seven original tracks, two of which feature Rap vocals by Adam Bogumił Zieliński (a.k.a. Łona).

The music demonstrates the multifaceted Polish music scene, which lacks any inhibitions as far as mixing diverse genres into a new amalgam. This album is not the first album of this sort and quite a few similar projects were released on the local scene in the last three decades, since the Polish Yass revolution completely buried conventions and "proper behavior" limitations.

Contrary to the expectation the music on this album is mostly "well behaved" and easily accessible by a wide variety of listeners. Kazana plays quite melodically and shows great restrain in comparison to his avant-garde Jazz output, Czerkasow keeps his effects well in check and Alban Juarez drives the music steadily forward with his solid drumming, which is full of textures and polyrhythmic tension.

Overall this is an interesting insight into the Polish scene, which might surprise listeners, who are not familiar with its diversity. There is not much innovation here perhaps, but the album reflects a successful cooperation of musicians coming from different backgrounds, which works well.

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