Friday, December 29, 2017

Jaząbu – Łódź Kosmiczna (2017)


Wojciech Jachna - trumpet, flugelhorn
Tomasz Glazik - tenor saxophone
Marek Kądziela - guitar, electronics
Jacek Buhl - drums, percussion

Łódź Kosmiczna

AUDIO CAVE 2017/009

By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by Polish avant-garde Jazz quartet Jaząbu, which consists of trumpeter Wojciech Jachna, saxophonist Tomasz Glazik, guitarist Marek Kądziela and drummer Jacek Buhl. The album presents ten original compositions/improvisations, which are not credited on the album's artwork and therefore assumed to be all co-composed by the four quartet members.

The music is quite typical Free Jazz/Improvised music offering, with short melodic lines stated at the beginning of the tracks, which are then developed into group improvisations and feature solos by the individual quartet members. Some of the tracks lack even the basic melodic theme and are completely improvised. The music appears to be working best when it is more contemplative and introvert, and as such delivers a deeply atmospheric musical aura. The more energetic pieces sometimes move into chaotic intensity. The lack of bass, which is only partly compensated by the guitar, creates a fluid, less rigorous rhythmic setting, which suits this music well.

Jachna and Glazik were members of the legendary Sing Sing Penelope ensemble, which was active since the turn of the Millennium, and their musical attitude was largely influenced by their formative years. Jachna and Buhl recorded several albums together in duo and trio formats and all three of them come from similar background. Kądziela is a bit of an outsider here, having been mostly associated with young Polish Jazz musicians active on the Danish scene, but since his return to Poland he is certainly more active on the local scene in several quite diverse environments. Together they represent an interesting amalgam of talent and musical experience, which definitely has a lot to offer.

Although I was not overwhelmed by the music on this album, probably mostly due to the fact that although beautifully performed it offers little innovation, I believe that their future offers might be much more exciting, considering their potential. Of course the album offers some great moments and impressive soloing and the connoisseurs of the Polish avant-garde scene should be quite happy with this music, which more than anything proves that Polish musician are still searching and making an effort to cover uncharted territory, rather than succumb to lethargy.

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