Saturday, March 28, 2020

Immortal Onion – Ocelot Of Salvation. Live In Sopot (2019)

Immortal Onion

Tomir Śpiołek - piano, electric piano
Ziemowit Klimek - bass, moog
Wojciech Warmijak - drums

Ocelot Of Salvation. Live In Sopot


By Adam Baruch

This is the second album by the young Polish Jazz piano trio called Immortal Onion, which consists of pianist Tomir Śpiołek, bassist Ziemowit Klimek and drummer Wojciech Warmijak. The album was recorded live and presents the same eight compositions that appeared on the debut album and one bonus composition, which was released as a single before the debut. All the music is uncredited and is therefore assumed to be co-composed by all three musicians.

These live renditions of the material from the debut album, which was recorded more than a year before this album was recorded; are basically quite similar to the original and therefore one can wander if they justify another release, but that is of course up to the musicians. The instrumentation on this album is expanded by the use of electric piano in addition to the acoustic piano and the use of Moog by the bassist, in addition to acoustic and electric basses, which basically means that the clean, purely acoustic sound of the debut was extended to include electronics, which more or less reflects the general trend among the new generation of young Jazz players these days.

The music is already discussed in my review of the debut and there is not much I can add except of course that the Fusion and even Prog undercurrents of the music are even stronger and more explicit here. Overall this is quite unique music, which surely appeals to the younger generation of Jazz/Fusion listeners, and which offers ambitious music that easily defends its qualities in the live version, and builds up interest in new material and next album by the group. Definitely worth investigating!

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