Friday, January 14, 2011

Silberman Quartet - Are You A Wizard, Sir? (2010)

Łukasz Stworzewicz is Polish drummer who graduated from famous jazz faculty at Katowice Music Academy. In 2005 he started to play in trio with pianist Dorota Zaziąbło and bassist Artur Kudłacik. In 2008 they recorded album titled "Silberman" which unfortunately I haven't had opportunity to listen to. On his second album titled "Are You a Wizard, Sir?" Łukasz made another step forward by expanding the size of his band to five and persuading excellent musicians to accompany him: pianist Piotr Wyleżał, violinist Adam Bałdach plus Wojciech Gasior on double bass and Grzegorz Bąk on bass guitar who complete rthytm section. Łukasz Stworzewicz also composed all music on album and produced it, he truly deserves the highest praise for such great effort.
But music is of course most important so let me now write few words about it. Though still young (about 30 years old) Stworzewicz has clear ideas about what music he wants to play. His jazz is heavy influenced by symphonic rock, he clearly is sympathetic toward classic music with its harmony and articulation but from time to time he flirts with more open structures, broken rhythms, a little Monkish in mood. And these are in my opinion the best moments of this record like in opening tune "Rotostal" or (less) in title track "Are You a Wizard, Sir?". Gentle and very musical playing by Piotr Wyleżoł coupled with ascetic yet flawless play by Adam Bałdych underlined by strong groove supplied by apt rhythm section make for very interesting picture especially in first of these tunes.
However when later in album symphonic rock and classical instrumentation prevail, I am little less inspired because first I never liked symphonic rock and second I know classical music so well I somehow do not look for it in jazz. Still I cannot deny that music is full of imagination, evokes vivid emotions and I like that it is coherent, have clear artitistic identity as given by Stworzewicz and his companions. Being not entirely my pair of shoes I must admit this album is pointing in good direction and I hope that we will hear even more interesting music from Łukasz Stworzewicz in future.
Check band's web page to listen to samples of their music:

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