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Jazz City Choir - Jazz City Choir (2012)

Jazz City Choir (band)

Małgorzata Korczyńska - Dyrektor, Dyrektor Artystyczny
Anna Gadt - Music Director, conductor, soloist
Joanna Kucharczyk - I soprano
Agata Sasinowska - I soprano
Magdalena Stróżek - II soprano
Małgorzata Romańska - II soprano
Ewa Barczyńska - alto
Aleksandra Bogucka - alto
Grzegorz Duszak - tenor
Adam Konowalski - bass
Karol Yamazaki - bass

Jazz City Choir (2012)

By Maciej Nowotny

This CD is a rare example of wise state patronage over jazz projects in Poland. Last year under auspices of Instytut Muzyki i Tańca (Institute of Music and Dance) the project "Jazzowy Debiut Fonograficzny" (Jazz Debut) was started. The first album to be completed under this scheme was excellent "Tone Raw" (2012) and this one comes as second yet no less interesting.

Jazz City Choir was founded in 2007 by Małgorzata Korczyńska at Łowicka cultural centre and in 2009  joined by Anna Gadt (Stępniewska) who became Music Director. Gadt is well known jazz vocalist on Polish scene with albums like "Still I rise" (2010) through which she gained a respect among the critics and an admiration from public. Under her leadership nine vocalists (Joanna Kucharczyk, Agata Sasinowska, Magdalena Stróżek, Małgorzata Romańska, Ewa Barczyńska, Aleksandra Bogucka, Grzegorz Duszak, Adam Konowalski, Karol Yamazaki) has become an accomplished team capable of dealing with ambitious repertoire. This repertoire is a very strong side of the project and tribute for it should be paid to Paweł Zielak who arranged four out of six tunes and obviously those the most interesting. This list of musicians shall be completed by addition of two instrumentalists, Paweł Puszczało on double-bass and Krzysztof Gradziuk whom we know from famous RGG trio and countless other projects as one of the most creative drummers on Polish scene.

As I mentioned before a very strong side of this album is the selection of compositions. I found especially rewarding interpretations of "Spain" by Chick Corea with Al Jarreau lyrics and two Esbjorn Svensson tunes - "When God Created a Coffee Break" and "Elevation of Love". In this second tune Grzegorz Karnas appears who in my opinion is the most interesting Polish jazz male vocalist these days. His solo and those by Anna Gadt are both highlights of this album which make it sufficient to recommend this CD for any jazz lover in Poland and abroad.

1. Sing a Song of Song 6:28
(Kenny Garrett, aranżacja:Paweł Zielak) solo: Anna Gadt
2. Elevation of Love 7:12
(Esbjorn Svensson, aranżacja:Paweł Zielak) solo: Grzegorz Karnas
3. And It Happened To Me 3:53
(Joanna Kucharczyk)
4. When God Created z Coffee Break 9:32
(Esbjorn Svensson, aranżacja:Paweł Zielak) solo: Anna Gadt
5. Pulsary 6:23
(Jan Sanejko) solo: Anna Gadt
6. Spain
(Chick Corea, aranżacja:Paweł Zielak) solo: Anna Gadt

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