Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simon Krebs - Please Don't Feed The Tears (2012)

Simon Krebs

Simon Krebs (guitar)
Kasper Tranberg (trumpet)
Tomasz Licak (tenor sax)
Bartlomiej Wawryniuk (alto sax)
Rasmus Fribo (bass clarinet, tenor sax)
Richard Andersson (bass)
Anders Mogensen (drums)
Please Don't Feed the Tears (2012)

Since few years when Polish students began to flock to Music Academy in Odense (Denmark) we have something like "Danish Wave" in Polish jazz. Significant number of talented, young musicians who studied or are studying there have brought onto our scene the enthusiasm, fresh attitude and new ideas. Names like Tomek Dąbrowski, Marek Kądziela and Tomek Licak must be mentioned here. These guys are on the brink of significant careers having in their hands everything necessary to become key players on our scene in decades to come.

It happened that above mentioned Licak is also one of musicians featured on this record titled "Please Don't Feed the Tears" and released by Danish Blackout label in 2012. As usual he is playing on tenor saxophone being supported in horns section by another Pole, and student of this school, alto saxophonist Bartek Wawryniuk. But this is definitely collective work with all musicians of this septet playing equally important role. Apart from both Poles the band consists of trumpeter Kasper Tranberg, clarinetist Rasmus Fribo, bassist Richard Andersson and drummer Anders Mogensen. They are all led by young guitarist Simon Krebs who also composed six out of seven tunes (seventh one being well-known standard "Nature Boy").

I don't know much about Simon Krebs apart from that this is not his debut recording. Judging solely on this album I can say he is extremely talented composer and gifted musician. The septet play is immaculate. The level of musicianship as displayed by all musicians is simply outstanding. Tunes are captivating and far from being trivial despite fact that music is kept well within limits of mainstream. All in all, excellent proposal, fully deserving to be recommended to anyone interested in high-quality modern jazz of Scandinavian origin with small but significant drop of Polish blood. 

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