Saturday, March 9, 2013

Polish-Jazz blog provides media patronage for new album by Tone Raw !!!

Tone Raw

Marek Konarski - saxophone
Sebastian Zawadzki - piano
Thomas Kolarczyk - bass
Kuba Gudz - drums

Tone Raw (2012)

Tone Raw is a band formed in 2012 by young instrumentalists who study in Academies of Music in Berlin and Odense in Denmark. Their music is based in traditional European jazz inspired by ethnic sounds from Germanic, Scandinavian and Slavic nations. Musical heritage and new compositions results in unique mixture of tradition and modernity. Marek Konarski's spontaneous saxophone and lyrical harmony of Sebastian Zawadzki's piano meets rhythm section of drummer Kuba Gudz and Thomas Kolarczyk on the double bass who played with each other in many bands in Berlin. Tone Raw instrumentalits have been awarded in many contests and festival, such us European Jazz Contest in Rome, Novum Jazz Festival and Jazz Juniors in Cracow, Tarnów Jazz Contest or Young Jazz and Blues Bands Contest in Gdynia. Despite the young age, musicians who formed Tone Raw have played concerts throughout the whole world (Poland, Denmark, Germany, Italy Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Russia etc.).

Their first album, named after the band Tone Raw, is a result of winning Jazz Debut Album program subsidized by Institute of Music and Dance in Poland and financial help from Office of the Marshal of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship. It was recorded in Tokarnia Studio in Nieporęt in August 2012. Before the recordings band was played the tour in Poland during which spontaneous improvisations turn into the tunes that are included in this album full of enthusiasm and energy coming from the new experience. Besides new compositions by the band, Tone Raw includes Svantetic by Krzysztof Komeda in Sebastian Zawadzki's interpretation.

"The real substance of that music came from looking for the truth about ourselves. Whole concept was born in the distanced Fyn island in Odense where we had met to express our need to create. Monotony and rawness of that place influenced us so much that it resulted in our music. It's peaceful and balanced without exaggeration but with tempestuous character. We think that the biggest beauty lies in the simplicity".

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