Sunday, May 26, 2013

Art Of Improvisation Creative Festival 2013 - Wroclaw, June 2013, 21-23

ART OF IMPROVISATION Creative Festival is an international, interdisciplinary project dedicated to the broadly defined field of improvisation, emphasizing its richness, diversity and above all, openness. In ART OF IMPROVISATION there are taking part extraordinary artists for whom art is the living matter, and creativity, emotional development, personality, etc. are the basis of the creative process. Initially focused on the music, ART OF IMPROVISATION is widening formula and including performance, dance, theatre etc.

In a simple meaning improvisation is an act of performing and creating at the same time. But first of all it is a multilevel communication. An artist communicates with himself, with his experience, intuition, imagination. While creating his piece he communicates with other musicians. Finally, he communicates with an audience. The result is not only a concert, not only music but a peculiar performance – in a modern depiction – or a ritual in a primary meaning. Improvisation is also a keyword and it can be used in different ways. It can be a constituent element of a composition or a goal in itself – a collective stream of consciousness. There are a lot of variations and as a result we can experience numerous music events both dynamic and colourful.

After two succesful editions of ART OF IMPROVISATION Meetings (featuring i.e. the legendary Schlippenbach Trio and Axel Dörner – the main representative of reductionism ) this year, for the first time as ART OF IMPROVISATION Festival – we would like to invite you to unique concerts of exceptional bands that will show different aspects of improvisation.

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