Monday, May 20, 2013

Jarosław Śmietana & Bill Neal - Live At Impart (2012)

Jarosław Śmietana & Bill Neal

Jarek Śmietana - guitar, vocal
Bill Neal - vocal, tenor sax
Wojciech Karolak - keyboards, Hammonds
Paweł Tomaszewski - keayboards
Marcin Lamch - bass
Adam Czerwiński -drums

Live at Impart (2012)

This is an album containing basically  only blues music. Still it features some of the best Polish jazz players as guitarist Jarek Śmietana, keyboardists Wojtek Karolak and Paweł Tomaszewski, bassist Marcin Lamch and drummer Adam Czerwiński, so it is justified to write about it on this blog. Co-leader, along with  Śmietana, is an Australian vocalist Bill Neal who occasionally also play some notes on tenor sax. 

Such a high-quality team produces of course very good music. They reproduce all time blues and rock classics from repertoire of such well known bands as The Animals, Fleetwood Mac or such great musicians as Ray Charles or Jimmy Hendrix. Most of these tunes Jarek Śmietana and Wojtek Karolak arranged for studio album of the latter titled "I love The Blues" and released a year before this disc.

The time has comes for some assesement of this music. I believe it can be two-fold depending on which point of view you represent. If you treat blues (or jazz) as some definite form of music which is basically finished and shall be now copied (better or worse) by new generations then you should be very happy with this album. It sounds very well, even if nothing special distinguishes it from similar (or identical) one (or more) hundred other good blues albums recorded during last, say, century or so.

However if you feel that blues (and especially jazz) shall be living form of music whose vitality depends on its ability to change to reflect the evolution of world around then it is rather depressing. No challenge, no innovation, no creativity - very well played but so well known that eventually boring.

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