Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oleszak / Turner - Fragments of Parts (2013)

Oleszak / Turner

Witold Oleszak - inner piano
Roger Turner - studio drumset and cymbals

Fragments of Parts (2013)

This is a second disc by this duo I have an opportunity to listen to. Previous one "Over the Title" was interesting piano/drums duo verging between freeimprov and avantgarde classical (such a label sound stranges I admit) music. If you want to learn more about both musicians please read my review of above mentioned album. Stylistically this kind of music is all about experimenting with sound. It can be refreshing experience especially if someone is bored with all too well known mainstream music. However since it  has nothing in itself of melody or even rhythm, just sound distortions and fluctuations, I suppose target for this CD must be rather limited. (Editor)

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