Monday, May 6, 2013

Coherence Quartet - Coherence (2013)

Coherence Quartet

Łukasz Kluczniak - alto sax
Robert Jarmużek - piano
Marcin Lamch - double bass
Grzegorz Masłowski - drums

Coherence (Multikulti, 2013)

By Ken Shimamoto

By now, the cohort of musicians that revolutionized jazz in the ‘60s has pretty much vacated the evening stage (with the notable exception of Wayne Shorter). However, new generations of players who drank deep from that well continue to carry the flag of post-bop modality. Coherence Quartet is a worthy example of this phenomenon.

They’re led by Robert Jarmuzek, a pianist-composer who draws inspiration from the masterwork of McCoy Tyner, and feature altoist Lukasz Kluczniak, a highly rated veteran with a searching style. On their debut disc, "Coherence", the players (who also include bassist Marcin Lamch and youthful drummer Grzegorz Maslowski) lay down an hour’s worth of music that mirrors the strengths of the classic ‘60s John Coltrane and Miles Davis units, as well as Miles’ sidemen (particularly Shorter and Herbie Hancock) on the dates they led for Blue Note.

On “530” and “Closerer,” Jarmuzek crashes oceanic chords while Kluczniak essays stellar scalar runs, the band gliding along with assured swing, fueled by Maslowski’s loose-limbed percussive thunder. “Ecol” and “March” are ruminative pastels, reminiscent of the quieter moments on Miles’ "Nefertiti". “Opener” kicks off with a muscular ostinato from Lamch, over which Kluczniak sketches out the Shorteresque melody. The album’s finest moment is the closing “Kurkuma,” 15 minutes over which the four men use shifting colors and dynamics to create and sustain a mood of somber reflection.

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