Monday, October 7, 2013

3D - Maty Rertuar (2013)

3D (band)

Joanna Duda - foretpian, wurlicer, efekty
Tomasz Duda - rurki
Radek Duda - mug efekts, mbira, mikrokorg

Maty Rertuar (2013)

"Since the beginning you could tell that the storm was about to begin. All of those three kids were already hyper active. Tomek and Radek were constantly fighting for toys and shooting to each other with their plastic guns. Joanna was the one who separated her older brothers. The Haribo gummi-bears, hidden in a family's grand piano, were her secret weapon that she used to calm down the situation.

At the time, the grand piano served them as a space ship. They were travelling all around the Universe as if they were the Star Wars characters. Sometimes boys were arguing about who will play the role of captain Hans Solo. Joanna never wanted to become a princess Lea. She was much more into Chewbacca. Still at the playground, none of them expected to become a musician. And to be part of a family band.

They waited till the force came to them. One day, during their grandma's birthday party, they took a quick decision and ran into the rehearsal room. Soon, they will come into your town to present the family songs from their brand new album."

(source: bandcamp)

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