Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mazzoll feat. Sroczynski - Rite Of Spring Variation (2013) **1/2

Mazzoll feat. Sroczynski

Jerzy Mazzoll - clarinets
Tomasz Sroczyński - violin

Rite Of Spring Variation (2013)

Rite of spring variation is a variation on Igor Stravinsky’s breakthrough ballet masterpiece. The recording, preceded by the Contemporary Improvisation Workshop Mazzolleum, features the first guest: Tomasz Sroczyński (violinist and producer, fascinated with electronics). The album follows the idea of Arhythmic Perfection which assumes the existence of the music ideal which can be perfectly re–constructed, however, apart from such a performance, there is a multitude of aberrations, that is a countless number of other possible performances of a piece of music which assume that the aberration is an integral part of the composition. It is a music idea which derives from the mastery of the ‘ideal’ and conscious use of shifts, aberrations, mistakes. 

source: Requiem Records

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