Saturday, October 19, 2013

Made In Chicago Festival 2013

The Poznań-based Made In Chicago festival is a highly original and very interesting event on the map of European and Polish jazz festivals. Organized in collaboration with the leading institution to support jazz music in the USA, the Jazz Institute of Chicago, and subsidized by the Poznań Municipality and the State of Illinois, it arouses interest of the industry and world media. 

Made In Chicago is an uncommon festival, just like Chicago is an uncommon, music-friendly place. Held in great respect, historical figures of the Chicago scene constitute the jazz of today alongside young artists. Joint music-making – often in ad hoc outfits which bring together different generations of musicians – is the town’s tradition. Sharing experience is fostered by countless concerts on the constantly changing map of clubs, numerous festivals, incl. the excellent Chicago Jazz Festival, free Jazz City or Word Class Jazz concerts at Millennium Park and several other events organized both by musicians themselves, and by such professional institutions as the Jazz Institute of Chicago. Jazz in Chicago enjoys the status of a world-calibre cultural phenomenon. It does not draw energy from intellectual snobbery of the audiences, but straight from the heartbeat of the town, of which it is a living part. It is always created with the audience and for the audience. Although it has attained to the status of a legend, it keeps surprising with originality. Rooted in the blues, which is invariably present in Chicago, it reveals the wealth of Afro-American culture, and refers not only to the African tradition, but also to contemporary music. Concerts by musicians from Chicago go beyond the traditionally understood jazz, and assume the unique character of a musical mystery. This has been particularly strong since the 1960s, when Muhal Richard Abrams founded the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), the most important jazz university in the world. It does not only teach music, but also shapes artistic attitudes, awakens the awareness of Afro-Americans’ cultural legacy, and demonstrates the relations between tradition and modernity. There are no typical lecturers, no regular students, there are no grades, exams or academic structures. What there is, is jazz created and explained in direct contact between artists and audiences. Full of distinguished names, the list of AACM-associated musicians grows bigger every year.

This year’s edition of the Festival is a unique event dedicated to the memory of Wojtek Juszczak, the late co-founder of Made In Chicago. Thirty Artists headed by Lauren Deutsch, Director of Jazz Institute of Chicago, who are going to visit our town, have prepared special projects to commemorate the Friend who joined Chicago and Poznań with a truly special bond.

29 Nov. 2013, FRIDAY 
Nicole Mitchell’s Sun Dial , 7 p.m., Scena na Piętrze.

Nicole Mitchell - flute
Joshua Abrams – bass
Njiate Agindotan – drums, percussion
Dwight Trible - vocal

Dee Alexander’s Funkin’ with Acoustic Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix and James Brown, 9 p.m., Sala Wielka CK Zamek.

Dee Alexander - vocal
Harrison Bankhead - bass
Junius Paul - bass
Scott Hesse - guitar
Tomeka Reid - cello
Ernie Adams - drums 
Miguel De La Cerna - piano

30 Nov. 2013, SATURDAY
Roscoe Mitchell/Mike Reed Duet, 7 p.m., Scena na Piętrze.

Roscoe Mitchell – saxes 
Mike Reed - drums

KIZUNA : A Gathering for Wojciech Co-Led by Mwata Bowden and Tatsu Aoki, 9 p.m., Sala Wielka CK Zamek. 

Mwata Bowden – bari sax, clarinet
Tatsu Aoki - bass
Kioto Aoki – taiko drum
Francis Wong – tenor sax
Avreeayl Ra – drums
Dee Alexander - vocal
Nicole Mitchell - flute
Harrison Bankhead - bass
Tomeka Reid – cello
Junius Paul – bass
Robert Irving III – piano
Ernie Adams - drums
Ari Brown – tenor sax
TS Galloway – trombone
Leon Q Allen - trumpet
Scott Hesse – guitar

1 Dec. 2013, SUNDAY 
Chicago Woj-tet, 7 p.m., Scena na Piętrze.

Robert Irving III - piano
Harrison Bankhead - bass
Ernie Adams - drums
Ari Brown - reeds
Scott Hesse – guitar
feat. Leon Q Allen - trumpet

Liquid Soul, 9 p.m., Pawilon Nowa Gazownia.

Mars Williams - Sax
Tom Klein – Guitar
Ricky Showalter – Bass
Devin Staples – Drums
Doug Corcoran – Trumpet / Keys
David “My Boy Elroy” Arredondo – Turntables & Beatbox
Walter "Dirty MF" Sargent – MC
Brian "MC B" Quarles – MC

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