Friday, October 11, 2013

Mikolaj Trzaska / Adam Melbye / Jeppe Hojgaard / Rune Lohse - Live At Mayhem (2013) ***1/2

Mikolaj Trzaska / Adam Melbye / Jeppe Hojgaard / Rune Lohse

Mikolaj Trzaska - saxophone, clarinet
Jeppe Højgaard - saxophone, clarinet
Adam Melbye - double bass
Rune Lohse - drums

Live At Mayhem (2013)

By Maciej Nowotny

I've got this music thanks to Tomek Łuczak, one of our core team, and invaluable for his ability to dig out recordings nobody else heard of or even imagine to exist. And this one is perfect example of such his findings. I assume not only our public but also none of our critics is aware of existence of this material. Perhaps also the families of artists involved - Mikołaj Trzaska and Jeppe Hojgaard on saxophones and clarinets, Adam Melbye on double bass and Rune Lohse on drums - do not know much as this album has been recorded during third concert of the very short tour given by these artists... when? I don't know! As much as I know next to nothing about other musicians than Trzaska. In this respect I am in the same position as the rest of the audience as info about this CD is very scarce.

Perhaps I should not be surprised by similar situation since sometimes it seems to me as if phrase "well known avantgarde recording" was kind of oxymoron. Not only because of relative lack of interest in this music from the wider public but, even more importantly, because of musicians' reluctance to disclose information about the results of their work. From purely artistic point of view it is of course a shame as such recordings as this surely deserve more attention. There is a lot of inventiveness here and, first of all, authenticity and sincerity in music making. But who I am to talk about it when the artists prefer to leave the fruits of their works as much hidden from public and critics as possible? Not even a sample CD to review! Let me then cut this text short and hope that perhaps in future they will begin to treat seriously not only music itself - they definitely can do that - but also its listeners...

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