Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Flash! with Dustin Carlson - Bujaka w Gumiakach (2020)

The Flash! with Dustin Carlson
Sławomir Pezda - tenor saxophone
Jakub Dworak - bass
Max Olszewski - drums
Dustin Carlson - guitar

Bujaka w Gumiakach


By Adam Baruch 

This is the second album by Polish trio The Flash!, founded by saxophonist/composer Sławomir Pezda with bassist Jakub Dworak and drummer Maksymilian Olszewski. On this album they are joined by Boston based guitarist Dustin Carlson. The album presents seven pieces, six of which were composed by Pezda and one is by the American duo Lightning Bolt.

The music is a further exploration of the concepts described in my review of the debut album "Sila" and manages to produce a completely original "wall of sound" Punk Jazz, which is as much controversial as it is fascinating. It is difficult to decide if the musicians are mocking contemporary Pop, Rock, and even Jazz in its ridiculous crudeness and oversimplification, or they are just pissed off and want to relieve some bad vibes, but the overwhelming effect is certainly achieved. Of course it is plainly obvious that these guys are brilliant musicians, no kidding there.

To make things clear everything here is perfectly planned and executed with the attention to the minute details, so obviously nothing was left to chance. The sheer audacity and the amount of ideas are simply staggering. In any case any attempt do describe this music in words is simply futile and nothing will replace the exposure to the actual aural content.

The attitude brings fond memories of the early experiments of Polish Yass movement, when quite a few of such original creations were produced, but on today's Polish music scene The Flash! are sadly almost completely lonesome. It is remarkable to see (or rather hear) how well Carlson fits within this madness; he is truly a spiritual kin to the members of the trio and manages to complete and expand the diversity of the sound without changing the basic attitude and direction, which is truly amazing.

Obviously not for everyone, but personally I love this music to bits, every second of it. The Rock genes in my musical personality are vibrating happily and my Zappaesque aesthetics of "don't care what you think" are fully satisfied! This is brilliant stuff!

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