Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dominik Bukowski- Times Get Changed (2008)

Ecnalubma (2008)

Dominik Bukowski (v)
Piotr Wojtasik (tr)
Łukasz Poprawski (as)
Jacek Namysłowski (tb)
Maciej Szczyciński (db)
Sebastian Frankiewicz (dr)

Dominik Bukowski, vibraphonist, is one of best young sidemen in Poland. He played in countless projects and he always brings a lot of value to any recording he takes part in. Just from very recent times one may quote such interesting discs like Piotr Lemańczyk "Naha Poeple" (2009), Krystyna Stańko "Secretly" (2010) or Wojtek Staroniewicz "Afreakan Project" (2011). 
But he already has quite a impressive achievements as a leader starting with "Dominik Bukowski & Projektor" (2005) with this record "Times Get Changed" (2008) as second and continued with "Vice Versa" (2009). Though young Bukowski managed to build such a reputation that he easily convinces top Polish jazz players to take part in his projects. On this record he is accompanied by a very strong line-up composed by Piotr Wojtasik (tr), Łukasz Poprawski (as), Jacek Namysłowski (tromb), Maciej Szczyciński (db) and Sebastian Frankiewicz (dr). The band produces impeccable sound, playing as meticolously and precisely as one could wish which fits well with elegant compositions of the leader .
As far as music is concerned it is mainstream jazz and if in the end I was to find some minor objection to this album I would say that it sounds a bit too conservative, predictable and cautious. Since Bukowski already proved that he is great instrumentalist and able composer let us hope that in future he will also find in himself enough strength to search for his own, individual and unique musical vision...

Check Dominik Bukowski website for audio samples of his music and/or watch this video with music from his last album "Vice Versa":

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