Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Michał Wroblewski Trio - I Remember (2011)

I like debut recordings since they are like green apples: sour, hard-to-bite but full of fresh flavors difficult to find in  ripe ones. So what flavors are present in this standard cool jazz trio? Surprisingly varied proving that Wróblewski succesfully assimilated all major influences in modern jazz piano in persons of Hancock, Jarrett or Mehldau. What distinguish him among so many young pianists (he is 27 years old) graduating every year from Katowice Music Acadamy is his compositional talent: tunes are varied showing great span of his musical interests from traditional stride piano, bop and cool jazz styles to Monkish broken rhythms, Polish folk as well as free jazz (like in last tune on this album titled "Open Take"). One must be under impression at ease with which he merges all these influences, transforms them and accordingly sings his own, original song. 
In this journey Michał Wróblewski is accompanied by Michał Jaros whose line is impeccable timely and Michał Bryndal who is playing with excellent Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet ("Smells Like Tape Spirit") but up-to-this point was not associated by me with mainstream jazz. But they never fail Wróblewski meanderings accross vast tradition of jazz piano and sound as if playing together already for a long time.  
Summarizing, it is definitely strong debut by Michał Wróblewski (deservedly rated five stars by Ryszard Borowski from Jazz Forum magazine). But question remains open how even such talented pianist may reach audience in country where in one generation so gifted pianists like Leszek Możdżer, Marcin Wasilewski, Przemysław Raminiak, Piotr Wyleżoł, Sławek Jaskułke or Mateusz Kołakowski are active? In a view of so strong competition even a very promising debut like "I Remember"  may be too little to single himself out among such a magnificent pack. I wish Wróblewski to remain persistent (and even more daring...) going his own way since by this record he proved to have at least same talent and musicality as his already more famous predecessors...

Check following link for music from this album.

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny (http://kochamjazz.blox.pl/html)

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