Sunday, May 8, 2011

Levity - Levity (2009)

Levity - rarely the name of the band so well reflects the music it plays: gracious, light-hearted, joyful! While most of Polish jazz trios imitate Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Esbjorn Svensson or Brad Mehladau, Levity takes a little from each of them but manages to sound completely fresh and original. How it is possible? 
The explanation may be such that the rhythm is treated here as in electronically inspired dance music. In order to enliven it it's played acoustically and by very exquisite musicians who blend it with typical human unpredictability. All this nuances are decorated by a set of vamp melodies making meal in this pot very tasty indeed.
Who is responsible for making this delicious music? Jacek Kita plays on piano, his phrasing unpretentious and melodious and Piotr Domagalski on double bass, creates bass line as deep that it seems it's infrared and will start shine red in darkness. But man of the day is Jerzy Rogiewicz, whom we know well from such splendid recordings as Pink Freud's "Monster Of Jazz", whose play on drums reminds me Hawaiian big waves as it is equally powerful yet allowing his partners magnificent rides.
All in all, this is definitely recommendable disc, very interesting debut indeed...
PS. Let me also pay tribute to Polish Lado ABC record company for issuing yet another excellent album!

Please, listen to 3rd tune on the album titled "Rotwang", in concert version:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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