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Władysław Sendecki - Piano (2007); Solo Piano At Schloss Elmau (2010)

Again I owe to Adam Baruch for his kind consent to re-publish his texts about Władysław Sendecki solo piano albums. You can find originals at his website

Vladyslav Sendecki - Piano (2007)

Polish pianist / composer Wladyslaw Sendecki is one of the finest representatives of European Jazz. As a child prodigy he started his classical studies at the age of 11 and performances at the age of 15. Once he discovered Jazz, his passion for music concentrated in this field and he became involved with the Polish Jazz scene, playing piano in famous Polish groups like Extra Ball and Sun Ship, both of which pioneered the Polish Jazz-Rock Fusion movement. In 1981 Sendecki left Poland (as did many gifted musicians at the time) first to Sweden and later settled in Switzerland. In 1990 he moved to Germany (Hamburg) and took the resident piano chair with the excellent NDR Big Band. He played with other Polish expatriates (Leszek Zadlo, Bronislaw Suchanek and Janusz Stefanski) in the Polski Jazz Ensemble, which also visited Israel by my invitation. This beautiful piano solo album was recorded 20 years after his last recording as a leader and is a most welcome return and a great opportunity for new listeners to get exposed to his great talent. He composed most of the music, including the three parts suite dedicated to painter Marc Chagall and the Art of painting. Three pieces by other composers are also included, reflecting his love of music by other talented composers. The album is an absolutely stunning piece of music, performed with virtuosity and deep musical sensitivity. Sendecki keeps his brilliant technique “in check”, not letting it overshadow his delicate and impressive improvisational exploits. For well-trained listeners, the Polish musical tradition, especially the piano legacy of Frederic Chopin, is quite evident (Chopin’s romanticism and soul-searching qualities influence all Polish piano players to this very day). The music flows beautifully from one piece to another and for me it was all over much too soon, which means it will be played again many a time. The sound quality of the album is (not surprisingly) excellent, as all the other recordings on the Provocateur label. Piano lovers, Jazz lovers or just plain music enthusiasts should find plenty of content here and even if the Artist’s name is completely unfamiliar to them, it is absolutely worth investigating. I for one am proud to have such a superb musician for a friend. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for 20 years to enjoy another album of his.

Vladyslav Sendecki - Solo Piano At Schloss Elmau (2010)

This is a wonderful live recording of a solo piano concert by my friend, the great Polish pianist Wladyslaw Sendecki. Sendecki, now living in Germany, is active in various settings in addition to his piano chair with the excellent NDR Big Band, probably the best European Big Band at the moment. This solo piano recording follows his previous solo piano album recorded three years earlier and is as beautiful. He plays mostly self-composed material and his incredible virtuosity and sensitivity as a player are truly overwhelming. An absolute must to all piano lovers!

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Check this splendid tune for a little sample of Sendecki talent:

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