Sunday, September 25, 2011

Legendary Jerzy Mazzoll is back!!!

Jerzy Mazzoll was one of protagonist of yass movement in Poland in 90ties in previous century. His recordings like this one with Arhythmic Perfection titled "A" and released by Gowi Records in 1995 were arguably among the best during this so creative and tumultuous period in Polish jazz. Many things has happened in Jerzy Mazzoll life since then, some good especially in music where he was constantly searching for new inspirations and exploring restlessly what is surprising in jazz, but some bad as problems with health which effectively stopped his career for few years.
Now he is back and like before the range of his interests is breathtaking! Check just these two projects out of many. First, this one features Jerzy Mazzoll on clarinet, Henrik Frisk on saxophone while I/DEX provides electronically generated sounds and landscapes. Above mentioned artists are supported by inspiring visuals by Analog Visuals group.

Another project features Jerzy Mazzoll along famous singer Sainkho Namtschylak and pianist Piotr Rachoń. Outstanding!

All in all, I believe to be not only one waiting for Jerzy Mazzoll new recordings, hopefully coming yet this year...

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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