Friday, September 16, 2011

News from Rafal Gorzycki!!!

Rafał Gorzycki, a drummer, improvisator, member of such great bands as Sing Sing Penelope or Ecstasy Project informed us about his plans for future. 
First, Gorzycki will continue to record with his quartet with Kamil Pater, Paweł Urowski and Irek Wojtczak (who substituted Olek Kamiński). In 2010 he released with this band CD "Dziki Jazz" (2010) which collected very favorable reviews and they plan new album for Autumn 2011. 
But this no the end of good news and in Autumn we shall also be able to listen to new CD by Ecstasy Project, another of Rafał Gorzycki's bands. His recordings with this collective (check for example "Reminiscence") were very well received as in Poland as abroad and I am waiting impatiently for both these albums...

Listen to Ecstasy Project from their last album "Reminiscence":

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