Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spejs - Rozwinał mi sie turban (Biodro, 2010)

Spejs (band)
Tomek Glazik - sax, electronics
Karol Szaltis - keyboards
Jacek Buhl - drumms
DJ Awry Sz
Audun Ramo - bass
Sebastian Gruchot - violin

Rozwinął mi się turban ((Biodro, 2010)

This project definitely deserves close examination! Musicians involved are first rate: Tomek Glazik is excellent sax-man who played with such good avantjazz groups as Sing Sing Penelope or Contemporary Noise Sextet; drummer Jacek Buhl is crucial player in Polish avantgarde and his latest release "Unfinished Books" is among top three best Polish jazz albums this year; Sebastian Gruchot is talented violinist who as Glazik is associated with Sing Sing Penelope. The project begun in fertile musical scene focused around legendary Mózg club located in Bydgoszcz.

What kind of music this Polish-Norwegian band delivers? It is deeply rooted in yass movement with its iconoclastic yet self-ironic attitude therefore it sounds fresh and brave. It is also very noisy, with strong electronic component, often chaotic and unstructured which may sound for unprepared ear difficult and edgy. There is plenty of improvisation on this record which is inspiring but it doesn't necessarily mean that this collective freedom brings much beauty to the surface. In fact it often doesn't which is to certain extent deliberate but it is also good example of what Tomasz Stańko once described (having in mind some of his own albums from 70ties) as type of free jazz "interesting for one or two movements but tiresome in the long term". As you probably know I am rather critical toward typical mainstream jazz as it is too predictable but I am also distanced from free jazz that chooses to be uncommunicative. Still, I feel like there is great potential in this band if they stop to stick too closely to long gone yass heritage and engage in dialogue with present audience that looks in jazz less for revolution but more for good, classy yet ambitious entertainment.

Check following video for sample of this band's music:

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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