Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rafal Mazur / Keir Neuringer - Improwizje (2010); Rafal Mazur / Michal Dymny - Extension (2009); Eve Rise / Rafal Mazur - Elan Vital (2009)

Since his album "Unison Lines" issued in 2010 by Not Two label I've become a great fan of avantgarde bassist Rafał Mazur.  I therefore am waiting impatiently for his new records which unfortunately are still not coming. So in a meantime I was very happy to discover on one of many fast-developing net labels named INSUBORDINATIONS couple of his earlier recordings, available for free rehearsal.


Rafał Mazur  - acoustic bass guitar
Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone

On "Improwizje", recorded in Crracow in venue called Bunkier Sztuki on 22th April 2006, once again we meet the same artists as on above mentioned "Unison Lines", that is Rafał Mazur and Keir Neuringer. Mazur bass and Neuringer saxophone harmonize perfectly: while Mazur line is edgy and stumbling, never obvious, always restless and searching, Neuringer alto saxophone yearns, wails, squeals, full of raw emotions and crystal clear communicado. This 18:35 long improvisation proves that there are few duos in Poland, if not in Europe, that can conjure in musical dialogue emotions stronger and more primal than these two musicians.

Check this link for music or download.


Rafał Mazur - acoustic bass guitar
Michał Dymny - electric guitar

On this album, 33:10 minutes long, recorded on 15th May 2008 in Cracow, we got intimate and subdued conversation of two guitars: Mazur - acoustic bass and Michał Dymny - electric one. Regardless change of style for more "cool" we still get here immensely creative work with Michał Dymny eloquent electric guitar being more than enough challenge fo Rafał Mazur bass pulse. Ambiguous and unsettled it all the same provides very rewarding music indeed!  

Check this link for music or download.

"Elan Vital"

Eve Risse - grand piano
Rafał Mazur - acoustic bass guitar

Finally this one recorded 21.06.2008, Centre of Contemporary Arts, in Kraków, lasts 22:52 minutes. Let me quote few lines from its review: "This experimental net label is always reliable for fascinating avant-garde improvisations and Elan Vital is no exception. With the work being totally acoustic, the two artists delicately weave a pattern of fragmented phrases, staccato lines, and soft tones into a fairy tale piece of art. The two musicians pluck through the session on bass and piano strings for approximately two thirds of the time, then change to bow and keyboard for a decidedly more tense interaction. It is a very interesting work that shouldn’t be too odd for the avant-garde music novice. This is another highly recommended online album from the always exploring Insubordinations net label."

Check this link for music or download.

Summarizing, this three albums from highly original bassist Rafał Mazur shall keep us busy while waiting for his new material after above mentioned excellent "Unison Lines" recorded with saxophonist Keir Neuringer last year for Not Two label.

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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  1. Oh, wow... thanks for these! Can't wait to check them out.

    (And I'll get you that way overdue article soon -- really!)


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