Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Andrzej Przybielski - Tren Zalobny (Multikulti, 2011) by Maciej Nowotny

Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
Jacek Mazurkiewicz - double bass, electronics
Paweł 'Model' Osicki - drums

Tren Żałobny (Multikulti, 2011)

Death comes always untimely, guest unwelcome. It leaves those who stay behind speechless, shocked, awed. Like many natural disasters it should not be surprise but still it is. It is denied by 99,99 % of living creatures, especially human beings. But this album proves that they are birds that can sing even about her. One's own death to be precise.
Everything that I have just written may sound quite controversial but it is only simple reflection of what music I found on this disc. Not the nicest discovery at all: gruesome, ominous, dark. For several reasons it has all chances to provoke more doubts than other albums released after Przybielski's premature death earlier this year (February 2011).

First, it is far from complete. Being recording of music in-statu-nascendi in its obscenity it comes close to semi-pornographic pictures of models taken just before pret-a-porter show. And obviously, because of that, it's even more fascinating, negotiating well with voyeurism so characteristic for modern culture built on TV reality shows.  

Second, unlike other albums released after Przybielski's departure ("Sesja Open" and "De Profundis") his companions on this session are young musicians with whom he never played before. Jacek Mazurkiewicz (his profile on this blog) produces coarse, rough, even vulgar sound on his double bass which I am sure will be despised by many. But he knows how to follow Przybielski's mood and assisted by electronics makes tone of his trumpet more barbarian, dramatic, tribal. Paweł Osicki on drums is even more difficult to appraise: his pulse reminds me heart beat of some mammoth animal which in turn suffocates, gasps in pain, roars in anger.

Third, this is most free in spirit and experimenting albums of those three. "Sesja Open", although released summer 2011, was in fact recorded in 2006 as kind of summary to music Przybielski played with his only regular band called Asocjacja. "De Profundis" on the other hand, released in February 2011, was another instance of Przybielski cooperation with Oleś Brothers, along with "Free Bop" (2000) or "Abstract" (2005). Oleś Brothers are musicians who were among very few able to establish long-lasting and fruitful relationship with Przybielski. However "Tren Zalobny" is more adventurous, spontaneous, unpredictable and therefore perhaps closer to the innermost spirit of Przybielski music conceptions. 
Summarizing, it is extremely difficult to take position on this album. I prefer to think about it as yet unfinished journey to the essence of jazz, to its improvising soul, between  madness and sanctity, into beauty of the sound which is looming somewhere ahead, between horizon and sky...

"Rotacje II" (Guru) from this album:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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