Saturday, November 26, 2011

Neurasja - Neurasja (Unzipped Fly Records, 2011)

Neurasja (band)

Asja - vocal 
Karol Czajkowski - guitar & sytnth, production & arrangements
Wojtek Traczyk - bass, double bass
Hubert Zemler - drums

Neurasja (UZF Records, 2011)

If you feel inclined towards jazz and are looking in direction of its distant and glimmering shore from indie rock or indie pop positions then "Neurasja" may be perfect bridge over which you will cross from land of darkness to that of light. It is centered around a psychodelic vocal by Asja who is surrounded by young & excellent jazz instrumentalists: Karol Czajkowski on guitar, Wojtek Traczyk on bass and Hubert Zemler on drums. Check this link for sample of music from this album:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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