Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nucleon - Commandor Konig To Alpha Base: The Eagle Is Ready For Take Off! (2009)

Nucleon (band)

Aleksander Papierz - saxophones
Jakub Rutkowski - ac. & el. drums
Tomek Głuc - handsonic sampler

Commandor Konig To Alpha Base: The Eagle Is Ready For Take Off! (2009)

Nucleon has lately become one of my favorite avantjazz bands in Poland so I am satisfied that with this review their discography on this blog is completed. Their first album "Nucleon" (2007) as well as last "Fitoplankton" (2011) are excellent proposals. This one is missing link and I think it will remain so. As far as I know it was kind of printed only for promotional purposes and never reached normal distribution. In my opinion to the detriment of audience since it contains very good music. Experimenting, improvising, creative it represents side of jazz  I like the most.  It is also exemplary for being able to balance well traditionally acoustic and electronically generated sounds, with neither dominating the other and yet supplying each other with interesting counterpoints.
Who is responsible for this inspiring recording? Jakub Rutkowski provides pulse on his acoustic and electronic drums, Aleksander Papierz sings on saxophone while Tomek Głuc and his  electronic sounds give depth to the conversation of this duo, refreshing and rejuvenating typical avantgarde sax-drums scheme.

Check tune "Eagle 2" from this album to draw your own conclusions:

and one more since the music is really interesting:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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