Saturday, November 19, 2011

Laboratorium - The Blue Light Pilot (Helicon, 1982)

Laboratorium (band)
Janusz Grzywacz / piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesisers (Roland Jupiter 4, Micro Moog)
Marek Stryszowski / vocal, sax
Ryszard Styła / guitar
Krzysztof Olesiński / bass guitar
Andrzej Mrowiec / drums

The Blue Light Pilot (Helicon, 1982)

This one really rocks!!! Recorded back in 1982 it contains all original compositions as well as standard "Straight No Chase", this album is so expressive, engaging, emotional that regardless of time I cannot simply detach myself from this fantastic music. Centered among powerful figure of keyboardist Janusz Grzywacz, guitarist Ryszard Styła, bassist Krzysztof Olesiński, drummer Andrzej Mrowiec plus vocalist and saxophonist Marek Stryszowski created a splendid space where both jazz and rock could interact freely. Another feature of this album that adds spice to the pot is that it was recorded live and enthusiasm and zeal of musicians is fully reflected by spontaneous and emphatic reaction of audience. Those times seem now long gone in jazz, at least as far as mainstream concerts are concerned, where most of people remain sombre and thoughtful during gigs even if music calls for dancing and shouting. Sometimes then in spite of attending today's snobistic jazz events it is good to step back a little and discover recordings like this emanating with authenticity and joy that is seldom found in our days.    

Strongly recommended!   

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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