Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wojtek Jachna / Jacek Buhl – Niedokonczone Ksiazki (Audio Tong, 2011) by Adam Baruch

Jachna/Buhl (duo)

Wojtek Jachna (trumpet, electronics)
Jacek Buhl (drums)

Niedokonczone Ksiazki (Audio Tong Music, 2011)

(Editor) Adam Baruch's (check his music boutique: https://www.jazzis.com/shop/on one of the most beautiful music coming from Polish artists this year! Read also no less enthusiastic review of this disc by Stephan Moore on this blog (link).

This wonderful album by the Polish duo: trumpeter Wojtek Jachna and drummer Jacek Buhl, is a superb example of how Jazz reinvents itself and updates itself constantly thanks to new and talented musicians. Of course the concept of the trumpet-drums duet in Jazz is not completely unusual, with the legendary Don Cherry / Ed Blackwell album "Mu" being an early example. Originally released in 1969 that double LP was a revolutionary step forward, redefining and expanding the genre's borders. In the course of history several other noticeable trumpet-drums duet albums were also recorded. This album, as mentioned above, updates this concept thanks to the new technology available today, which allows electronically generated ambient vistas to be incorporated into some of the tracks, but basically it's up to the two players to create the substance. The music, although mostly improvised and close to the Free Jazz movement, has a strong melodic content and atmospheric / ambient feel about it, which is characteristic of movie soundtracks. Buhl's ability to play the drums as a melodic instrument (as opposed to a purely rhythmic one) is truly remarkable. His extended solo passages never cease to amaze as far as inventiveness and sensitivity are concerned. Jachna's minimalism, combined with his complete command of his instrument is highly effective and artistically sublime. Their duets are wonderful example of two musicians listening to each other at all times, giving up their egos in order to achieve a fusion of their powers and a higher level of unity. This is definitely one of the most interesting Polish Jazz albums I've come across lately and I can't imagine any true Jazz enthusiast not finding this album worthy of their attention. Great stuff!

(Editor) "Zmęczony łoś" a tune from this album/ What a music!!!

Author: Adam Baruch

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