Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marcin Wadołowski Quintet - Git Majonez (Soliton, 2011)

Marcin Wadołowski Quintet (band)

Marcin Wądołowski - guitar
Adam Czerwiński - drums
Darek Herbasz - saxophone
Janusz Mackiewicz - doublebass
Piotr Mania - piano

Git Majonez (Soliton, 2011)
I was very curious about this recording, good opinions about it reached me from many directions. The explanation of this good opinions is simple: album's strongest side are melodies, all penned by a leader, guitarist Marcin Wądołowski. He really deserves accolade for them as one after another the tunes keep listener attached to speakers, the music flows so captivating, so well played, so light and warm that it is impossible to stop. Moreover it is all very well played, musicianship is at astonishing level and to no surprise since  players participating in this session are from first ranks in Polish jazz: Piotr Mania on piano, Adam Czerwiński on drums, Darek Herbasz on saxophone and Janusz Mackiewicz on double-bass, they all play perfectly. So summarizing it is decent debut album although I am a bit worried where Marcin Wądołowski will go from this point? If he continues to play even prettier and sweeter on his next albums he will soon find himself on smooth side of jazz. And I am not sure this is the turn of events he desires most... 

Small display of Marcin Wądołowski on guitar:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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