Friday, January 6, 2012

Smolik - 3 (Kayax, 2006)


3 (Kayax, 2006)

Soul, pop and chill out. Electronic breezes, scents of jazz and those dreams..... those melodic dreams. Smooth and warm vocals, a chest full of burning soul chorus and a sax defining the beat. Ambient sounds hand in hand with dreamy and delicate whispers, subtle orchestral arrangements conducted by spoken word lullabies.This is 3, or shall I say, Smolik's third album. After two highly acclaimed albums, this producer is back with one of the best albums of the year. This time he has left most of the electronic memorabilia at home and returned with his most organic record so far. More acoustic than ever, more soul than ever, more beautiful than ever. A superbly produced album, with such guests as Novika, Artur Rojek (of Myslovitz), Marsija (of Loco Star), Mika, the Brit Victor Davies (a fantastic soul contribution to this record) or the German Maya Singh, Kasia Kurzawska, among many others, this is an album where pop music is the king.With its 11 tracks, and pearls such as Take Time, Cmyk, A Million Cheap Tricks or 50 Trees, this 3 is here to put a smile on everyone's face, to make us dream, to make us forget these blurry and dark days.

Smolik - "Time Take"


  1. i had this cd and it's pleasure to back to music from this disc. Interesting review;)

  2. As we said: if only we could have more music like this in our country...


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