Monday, January 23, 2012

Oleś / Trzaska / Oleś - La Sketch Up (Kilogram Records, 2002)

Oleś / Trzaska / Oleś (band)
Marcin Oleś - double bass

Mikołaj Trzaska - saxophone
Bartłomiej Oleś - drums

La Sketch Up (Kilogram Records, 2002)

(Edit) One of the finest avantjazz releases in recent years: minimalistic but full of inner energy! 

The last work by the brothers Oles and Mikolaj Trzaska is a remarkable attempt to wrestle the tradition of chamber, contemplative jazz. And - it should be added - of highest standard. Trzaska proved his musical maturity with Milosc and Loskot, now he confidently leads the younger Oles brothers through the avant - garde - ethno improvisation labyrinth (...). Nine compositions begin with a thought, speed up like a railroad engine, to finally close the circle and slowly burn out in silence. The music abounds in undefined nostalgia inspired by Coltrane and chamber music minimalists, there are also distant traces of Krzysztof Komeda and his music for films by Roman Polanski. The whole sounds as a soundtrack for a film noir or a movie by Goddard.

Excerpts translated from text by: Lukasz Grzymislawski
Gazeta Wyborcza

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