Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tomasz Stanko – Tales For A Girl, 12 (Polonia Records, 1995) by Adam Baruch

Tomasz Stańko -  trumpet 

Janusz Skowron -  synthesizer   

Tales For A Girl, 12 (Polonia Records, 1995)

With the 1980s over, Polish trumpeter / composer Tomasz Stanko enters the next decade with another pivotal recording, which marks yet another about face change with the return to "classic" Jazz, as defined by Stanko's unique talent. This incredible album is basically a solo trumpet recording, an extremely bold and difficult project for the artist, which truly emphasizes his genius in full. Accompanied only by keyboardist Janusz Skowron, who produces layers of atmospheric background, Stanko blows with full might presenting thirteen brilliantly concise pieces of music, which are simply mind-blowing. His virtuosity as a performer is demonstrated here perhaps more vividly than on any other Stanko album, certainly any of his previous recordings up to that one. His lyricism and incredible power of expression are overwhelming and the totality of his music is unparalleled. Although solo recordings (in Jazz or other types of music) are usually quite difficult for the less experienced listener, this album is so powerful that is able to mesmerize any listener sensitive to music. This album is the mark every other trumpet album should be measured against, a work of pure genius and an absolutely essential piece of Art in any sense of this word. Stunning!

Author: Adam Baruch

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