Sunday, January 29, 2012

Marek Napiorkowski Trio - KonKubiNap (Universal, 2011)

Marek Napiórkowski Trio (band)

Marek Napiórkowski - electric and acoustic guitars
Robert Kubiszyn - electric and acoustic bass guitars
Cezary Konrad - drums

KonKubiNap (Universal, 2011)

With this album a guitarist Marek Napiórkowski surprised me positively. He shall be placed in mainstream jazz as is evidenced by his last CD "Wolno" (2007) which is strongly influenced by  ECM aesthetics. But most of his up-to-date releases although very pretty, accessible and favored among not only jazz but also pop audience, were a bit too smooth for my taste. Fortunately this one is of a different kind! Retaining his ability to communicate with wide mainstream audience Napiórkowski shows on "KonKubiNap" sharp talons. That is due to rock drumming by Cezary Konrad and fusion influenced bass guitar of Robert Kubiszyn. Assertive and articulated pulse of this excellent rhythm section make chops of the leader sound clear, articulated and very, very suggestive. This makes whole effort of this very well cooperating trio one of the most interesting guitar led albums in year 2011 along with Maciej Grzywacz "Black Wine", Rafał Sarnecki "Madman Rambles Again" or Daniel Popiałkiewicz "Solstice".

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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