Sunday, October 7, 2012

Alek Korecki & Z Calym Szacunkiem Dzika Swinia - Freak Kiss (2012)

Alek Korecki & Z Calym Szacunkiem Dzika Swinia (band)

Alek Korecki - Sax, flute, guitars and vocals
Wojciech Ruciński - Stick bass
Tomasz Grochowalski - Bass
Karol Ludew - Drums

Freak Kiss (2012)

Well, this one will be short... I reached for this album on behalf of saxophonist Alek Korecki. I know him from excellent "Nucleon" (2007) and I also have heard that he recently collaborates with good young band High Definition led by very talented young pianist Piotr Orzechowski. So I expected some jazz but to my disappointment what I got is sad, VERY sad music...

Korecki's play seems to be influeced by David Sanborn or Kenny Garrett. As often on their albums his music is wheeling almost exclusively around his powerful blows. The rest of the band, Wojciech Ruciński on stick bass, Tomasz Grochowolski on bass and Karol Ludew on drums, all musicians with careers in rock and pop so far, form only a rather unimpressive background for the leader. There is no interplay, consequently no depth, no idea, no rhythm, no melody here. This is sad, really sad record. Perhaps it sounds better during concerts as these guys all have significant stage experience. But judging solely on the basis of music as recorded on CD this is simply awful...

By Maciej Nowotny

Listen and make a judgement on your own...


  1. Chętnie bym się nie zgodził, ale, niestety, muszę przyznać recenzentowi rację. Ale może to jest tylko demo z próby?

  2. A... nota bene... ja też się z Tobą zgodzę apropos Diany Krall...


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