Sunday, October 7, 2012

Piotr Schmidt Electric Group - Silver Protect (SJC, 2012)

Piotr Schmidt Electric Group 

Piotr Schmidt (Trumpet)
Tomasza Bura (Piano)
Michal Kapczuk (Bass)
Sebastian Kuchczymski (Drums)

Silver Protect (SJC, 2012)

This is third release by a young trumpeter Piotr Schmidt after "Black Monolith" (2011) and "Mole People" (2012). As on his previous albums he is accompanied by the same rhythm section which includes a bassist Michał Kapczuk and a drummer Sebastian Kuchczyński. Of six tunes two were penned by the leader while four by a keyboardist Tomasz Bura. The personnel is completed by a vocalist Wojtek Myrczek (he debuted in 2010 with "We'll Be Together Again").

Music itself is kept securely within a mainstream jazz and is clearly referring to fusion aesthetics. The main advantage of this recording is a very high level of performance. Schmidt has total control of his instrument. It is really a pleasure to follow his line which is light, melodic yet crisp. Great work is done by a rhythm section which sounds both vintage and contemporary. Keyboard and piano could be more lively. Bura's play lacks the flesh, is too controlled, emotionless. The weakest point is Wojtek Myrczek's vocal which sounds ugly when he tries to imitate Al Jarreau, vocalizes as met on Pat Metheny's albums with Lyle Mays or Barry White's whispering.

Still this is probably the best recording of all released so far by Piotr Schmidt. I like a quality of his play, I like his rhythm section, I like that he at least (though very slowly) is starting to leave this so well-throdden path of mainstream jazz. I wish he would go this way even further, develop his own ideas, stop looking to the past as he clearly has a lot of potential to play and compose more actual music...

By Maciej Nowotny

Tracklisting:1. Silver Protect [10:46]
2. KM [7:19]
3. Must Be The Moment [7:4]
4. Morning [5:1]
5. Tupak [5:47]
6. Till The Final Note Dies [7:54]

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